How to Save Some Serious Money Buying Your Yacht or Boat

Buying a boat gives you the freedom to travel on the water with family and friends and create compelling memories that will last forever. Don’t rob yourself of these memories by spending too much for that boat in the first place. Before you fall in love with that boat, whether it is a center console boat for sale or a mega yacht for sale, carefully consider a few of the following.

Boats for Sale1. Consider Used vs New – While a new boat will have all the bells and whistles you want, consider the benefits of owning a slightly used boat too. These boats are being sold by people who need to get out of the deal for whatever reason, and most likely have already suck several thousand dollars in a trailer, safety equipment, fishing gear, and upgrades, all which can be included in the lower price than a new boat.

2. Shop Online Auctions – When someone is using Craigslist or eBay to sell their boat, you know they want to sell it fast. One of the advantages of buying a boat this way is you can go in with a low-ball offer a negotiate to a price that both of you are happy with. If the buyer has the trailer, consider a package deal for everything and you will save a ton of cash versus buying new.

3. Visit a Boat Show – If you are in the market for a brand new boat, take in a local boat show and you could get some great deals on the spot. Many of the boat manufacturers will have representatives at these events who are ready to pass on promo codes or discount coupons if you sign the deal right at the show. There are thousands to save at these shows, just be sure to have your check book handy in case you see a deal.

4. Sharing Your Boat – Perhaps you are some friends have been talking about getting a boat for years, but the cost is just out of reach. Consider going in together, sharing all the costs evenly, as well as time on the water. Either everyone goes out each week together or time is shared on certain weekends. Hatch out a plan in advance and you get all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

There you have it, some money-saving tips for getting in your own boat and out on the water as soon as possible. Once you get out on the seas and feel that wind in your hair, you will wonder why you waited this long.