Early Steps to Hiring a Charleston DUI Lawyer

Charleston DUI LawyerThe first thing that you must do before hiring a local professional Charleston DUI Lawyer is to sit down and come up with a list of likely attorneys that you may want to consider hiring. The very first place to consider is the Yellow Pages or online sources including social media websites of the top lawyers in your region. Hunt for a local professional DUI attorney that has trial experience, specializing with DUI law or driving drunk cases. This will not mean these are the best DUI attorneys or be the best one for you, but it will help you weed away attorneys that don’t fully understand or work with DUI law.

Consider these major points before hiring the first local professional DUI attorney that you come across.

  • Does the attorney have several years experience and skill in handling detailed DUI cases?
  • Are previous clients content with the services of that particular attorney?
    Does this lawyer conduct himself ethically?
  • Is this an established firm with many unique lawyers, or a smaller firm concentrating only with DUI matters?

The DUI is embarrassing to you on many levels, but it is also very serious. Once you have your list of local professional DUI attorneys that do most of their work on DUI law, consider taking advantage of their free initial consultation. Now be sure to do your homework prior to wasting your valuable time scheduling all these appointments.

Never even consider retaining the services of an unlicensed DUI lawyer. Take the time to carefully review the websites of the lawyers you are considering. There are several things you want to look for to make certain you have the best attorney for your case. Look carefully at the history of the lawyer, and his schooling and prior work history. The longer he has been in this field the better. Take a close look at how they handle DUI cases. You want a lawyer that has his own investigative team that can go to the scene and follow-up with eye witnesses, access the police dashboard camera, and get information on the testing equipment that was used during the arrest.

Your DUI is going to represent you in that court, so experience is everything. If they already have a working relationship with the judges in your district, they know how and where to push for a lesser sentence or possibly a dismissal of your case. It all comes down to selecting the right lawyer if you want the best results. For more information feel free to visit: Charleston Attorney Group at http://charlestonattorneygroup.com